March 22, 2019 at the National Press Club, Washington, DC
"There are other settler colonies in the world. Israel is not unique for this. The United States is a settler colony. What we see going on in the Dakota Access Pipeline is actually the removal of natives, and taking away of their lands, and obscuring the fact that they exist as a people, and perpetuating a myth that the natives have disappeared in very similar ways that we perpetuate the myth of disappearance of Palestinians and their indistinct nationality with surrounding Arab countries."
Noura Erakat, 2018 conference

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Conferences in this series feature keynote presentations by well-known authors, politicians, researchers, activists and leaders.

2017 keynote speaker Dr. Hanan Ashrawi

Speakers typically include documentary film producers, authors, academics, and policy-makers.

2017 speaker Dr. Jack Shaheen

Many student leaders from campuses across the United States have presented at the conference.

Amani Alkhatahtbeh, 2015.

Moderated discussions include congressional representatives.

Washington Report Managing Editor Janet McMahon and Congressmen Jim Moran and Nick Rahall

Author book signings are a chance to meet and obtain a personalized inscription on key books.

Professor John Mearsheimer and Hanan Ashrawi sign books in 2017

The exhibition hall features information tables staffed by nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit information booth.

Middle East Books & More offers hard-to-find books and merchandise.

Middle East Books & More conference display 2016